Join us in the Second Quantum Revolution

Quantum Information Science (QIS) is an exciting new area of exciting research and emerging commerce that is at the heart of a what has become known as the Second Quantum Revolution. QIS will facilitate the development of new sensors with extraordinary sensitivity, new communication technologies and security protocols, enhanced optimization strategies, and, eventually, qualitatively new computer platforms capable of performing calculations that are impossible to execute on conventional digital computers. This degree program is designed to provide students from a wide variety of backgrounds with the knowledge and skills needed to join this new field.

To date many of the advances made in QIS have been made by people with extensive backgrounds in Quantum Mechanics through acquiring a PhD in Physics, Chemistry or similar fields. The future of the field will require people who combine a less in-depth knowledge of Quantum Mechanics with significant knowledge from one or more of the other fields that will be impacted by these emerging QIS technologies.


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